Scotia Relief
A 501 (c)(3) Organization
Neighbors Helping Neighbors for Over 80 Years
Scotia-Glenville Community



Scotia Relief, a community organization that promotes the practice of
neighbors helping neighbors in the Scotia-Glenville community, provides
annual assistance to residents in need of daily living supplies. Assistance is
provided in the form of vouchers for resources including food, clothing,
heating fuel, and school supplies.

Community residents, business associates, church congregations, and local
organizations contribute to Scotia Relief in support of their neighbors. This
all-volunteer organization formed during the time of the Great Depression
and currently supports 50-60 families and residents annually.

If you need assistance and are a resident of the Scotia-Glenville School
District, please contact Christine Nofri at 518-382-1263 ext 51100.

If you wish to contribute to Scotia Relief and become part of this
community tradition steeped in the roots of neighbors caring for neighbors,
please send your donations payable to

Scotia Relief
in care of Ronald Schimpf
824 Sanders Ave
Scotia, NY 12302.

Board Members

Jill Busman, President
Karen Swain, Vice President
Kris Kastberg, Secretary
Ronald Schimpf, Treasurer
Pete Bednarek
James Dunham
Pete Frisoni
Jeff Gabriele
Bruce Kohout
Jamie MacFarland
Maria Schmitz
Ken Swain