Summer Recap 3 ? (I?ll get them all in, eventually.)

One Hundred Years Ago at the Village Board, May-June 1918

May 6
Business related to the Street Fund
Clerk to purchase 36 tons of stove & egg coal and 17 tons of stove & chestnut coal, divided between the two local dealers W.R. Brown and J. H. Buhrmaster.
The Fire Commissioners asked if the John Miller Hook & Ladder company can use the lower floor of the building on Ten Broeck St. as additional rooms. Referred to Water & Building Committee.
Street Commissioner to be instructed to place guard rails on the approaches to the Washington Ave. bridge over the outlet to Collins Lake.
Hearing on Ballston St. sidewalk petition:
E. A. Curtis is in favor but needs some time
J. J. O?Connell is opposed?doesn?t want to invest more money
R.L. Hoffman, Heber Williams, E.L. Lockrow in favor?safer to walk to the car [trolley] stop without walking in the street.
Hearing closed.
Motion: Petition was received from more than half the property owners on the NW side of Ballston St. for sidewalks. Hearing completed and petition granted. A cement sidewalk 5 feet wide, 6 inches in from the curb, the inside elevated at a ? inch grade, will be installed per all Village regulations, at the expense of the owners, and completed before Aug. 15, 1918. Anyone refusing to pay will have the amount added to their tax bill.
Motion: the question of writing a Village Ordinance preventing the use of ashes on village streets is referred to the Village Attorney.
New ordinance approved to require the Fire Department to inspect all properties as often as necessary, at least once a year in outlying districts and twice a year in closely-built properties, to identify and have corrected any fire hazards. A fine of $25, plus $25 for each additional day, for not complying within 10 days.
There will be a hearing on June 3 about a change of grade on First St. between Vly & Center.
Payroll and bills approved.

May 20
Village Attorney to attend hearing about taxes in Albany.
Water Committee to get the Venture Meter at the pumping station working.
Pay Ellis B. Edgar $875.04 due on sewer contract.
Financial items related to bonds & notes.
Payroll and bills approved.

June 3
(Pages appear to be missing in this digitized copy)
Payroll and bills approved.

June 17
Bids for Scotia Refunding Water Bonds opened and read. Sold to George B. Gibbons & Co.
Street Commissioner directed to construct concrete crosswalks across Huston and Lincoln Streets at their intersection with First St.
Building Committee to make changes and repairs at the Engineers Residence not to exceed $100.
Pay Boston & Maine Railroad Co. for freight on the sprinkler tank and water pipe.
Clerk to purchase fittings for Water Department.
Payroll and bills approved.