Village Board Nov-Dec 1918

[Items related to the end of the war (World War I) are in bold.]

Nov 4
Bid open and then issued to LeRoy Wood (Treasurer of Village) for $2500 bond for Drainage & Sewers.
Various items related to short-term borrowing from Schenectady Trust Co.
To be included in 1919 tax levy: $333.13 to Schenectady County for repair and maintenance of 22209 sq. yds. of State Highway within the village in 1919.
Supt. of Sewers to construct a wire fence around that portion of the village disposal plant on the bank of the creek of the lake which might be considered dangerous if unprotected and to have such portion of the property posted with signs reading as follows; ?Dangerous Place? ?No Trespassing?.
Mr. Lasher and Mr. Schuler to be appointed a committee to look into the matter of matching the sorrel horse belonging to the village.
A delegation from the Fire Department appeared before the board and on being given the privilege of the floor announced that they had received a request from the Board of Trustees asking them to submit additional names, not less than three, of persons who would be satisfactory to them as a fire commissioner of the village in place of Harry Van Epps who has resigned from said office. After some explanatory remarks by the members of the Board and discussion by several members of the delegation, the delegation refused to submit additional names and informed the Board that they had submitted the name of Christian Herbock [original typing not legible?the o, e, and c all clogged up, as those who have used a typewriter will remember all too well!] who was the choice of a committee appointed by the Department to make a selection and that the Board could take him or leave him as they saw fit.
Payroll and bills approved.

Nov. 18
Mr. Cassius F Bartholomew is appointed a trustee for the balance of the official year ending Mar. 24, 1919, after the resignation of Fred L Sturdy.
Mr. Bartholomew appeared, took the oath, and assumed his duties.
Arthur Hommel [again, typing not clear in original] is to be appointed Fire Commissioner to fill the unexpired term of Harry Van Epps, who resigned, term expires on the Monday following the 3rd Tuesday in March 1921.
Sylvester Cornell petitioned to construct a sanitary sewer from Ballston & Fifth, through 5th Street 50 feet to his house. Granted if constructed at no expense to the village and inspected 30 days after completion.
Schenectady Illuminating Co. agreement to light village streets for 5 years appears satisfactory.
Payroll and bills approved.

Dec. 2
The Village Clerk will purchase one additional section for the bookcase in the Clerk?s office.
Four 4-in-one light fixtures #8200, flemish old brass finish, to be installed in the rooms of the Neptune Engine Company, not to exceed $100.
At this time the matter of a celebration in honor of the returning soldiers and sailors of our Village was taken up and discussed by a delegation of citizens who appeared at this meeting pursuant to the request of the Board of Trustees, and the following resolution was unanimously adopted.
Moved by S.R. Boucher, seconded by George Dutcher, that a committee be appointed to take charge of the celebration in honor of our returning soldiers and sailors and that said committee be composed of all present, and past Presidents and Trustees of the Village, and five additional persons from each church of the Village.

Payroll and bills approved.

Dec. 16
Moved by Potter seconded by Schuler that the Village Clerk be directed to purchase one hundred fifty certificates of appreciation of service to be issued to the boys and girls of our Village as they return from the service of our country and ten Gold Star certificates to be issued to the families of those who died in the service and that the cost of such certificates be charged against the special war contingent fund.
Payroll and bills approved.
Resolution pertaining to Sewer Bonds approved.