Dear Scotia Resident:


We have made it through half of December without much snow but we expect some tonight together with high winds. Therefore, the Village of Scotia has declared a snow emergency. As a result, a parking ban will be in effect on all streets and in the municipal lot from 12:01 a.m. Thursday (December 17th) until 6 a.m. on Friday (December 18th). Violators may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.


As a reminder:

  • As part of your civic responsibility, each resident is responsible for the sidewalks on their own lot. This includes both sides on a corner lot and the access to the street at the intersection.
  • Snow must never be shoveled or blown into the street.
  • Remember to help and look out for elderly neighbors.
  • Waste and Recycling pickups will be on the regular schedule. Be sure to keep your cans and containers out of the street so they are not hit by snowplows.


Scotia is all about working together to make life better for all of us. Thanks for doing your part.



Tom Gifford

Mayor of Scotia

Office (518) 374-3195

Fax: (518) 374-0542

Cell: (518) 867-9458