The ZBA is a 5 member board authorized to hear appeals from a decision made by the code enforcement officer or building inspector, regarding zoning law. There are two types of appeals to the ZBA; those seeking an interpretation of the zoning law, and those requesting a variance from its provisions.

The ZBA can be asked to interpret the law only after a decision has been made on a matter. The individual appealing the decision may believe that the official was wrong in either issuing or not issuing a permit, or the individual may believe they were incorrectly cited for a violation of the zoning law.

The ZBA has the power to grant permission to use property in a manner not allowed by the zoning law. There are two types of variances: use and area. The use variance allows a property to be used in a way that the zoning does not allow. The area variance allows relief from the dimensional requirements of the zoning law. There is a strict set of criteria governing the granting of either of these variances.

Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Jackie Bekkering – Chair
  • David Haug
  • Susan Duchnycz
  • Charlena Ward
  • Jamie Stegmann
  • Trustee Keith Brown –Board Liaison
  • Cassandra Valiquette –Clerk
  • Luis Aguero – Building Inspector