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Administers and Enforces

Provisions of Law, codes, and ordinances pertaining to the location, design, materials, construction, alteration, repair, equipment, maintenance, use, occupancy, removal, and demolition of structures located within the Village of Scotia.

Building/Plumbing Inspector
Luis Aguero


Building Permits Required

A building permit shall be required for any work which must conform to the Uniform Code and/or the Energy Code or Village Code, including, but not limited to, the construction, enlargement, alteration, improvement, removal, relocation or demolition of any building or structure or any portion thereof, and the installation of a solid-fuel-burning heating appliance, chimney or flue in any dwelling unit. No person shall commence any work for which a building permit is required without first having obtained a building permit from the Building inspector.

Building permits are required for many building projects, including:

  • All New Construction
  • New Home
  • New Garage < 3 bays
  • Renovation
  • Repairs
  • Addition
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Demolition
  • Deck & Stairs
  • Replace Porch & Rails
  • Foundation repair
  • Shed > 96 sq. ft
  • Pool
  • Any Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances
  • Any Gas Piping – especially “CSST”
  • Signs
  • Alteration
  • Windows
  • Change of use
  • Photovoltiac systems
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Flues & Factory Chimney

Permits for other projects may be required and we recommend that you call the Building Department BEFORE beginning your project.

Construction Documents: Documents needed in order to obtain a permit.Building-Codes

Construction documents, site plans, plot plans, build plans submitted as part of an application for a building permit must satisfy the requirements of the Building Inspector. Once approved one set of construction documents shall be kept at the work site so as to be available for use by the Inspector. Building permit Placard shall be visibly displayed at the work site and shall remain visible until the authorized work has been completed.

Applications for a building permit shall be made, in writing, on a form provided by or otherwise acceptable to the Building Inspector.

 Click HERE for Building Permit Application.

 Click HERE for Table 301.2.(1) Climate and Geographic Design Criteria

The application shall be signed by the owner of the property where the work is to be performed or an authorized agent of the owner. The application shall include such information as the Building Inspector deems sufficient to permit a determination by the Inspector that the intended work complies with all applicable requirements of the Uniform Code, Energy Code and Village Code. The application shall include or be accompanied by the following information and documentation:

Where applicable, a statement of special inspections prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Code; and

At least three sets of construction documents (drawings and/or specifications), speak to Inspector for number of copies as some smaller projects may be less but which:

  • (a) Define the scope of the proposed work;
  • (b) Are prepared by a New York State registered architect or licensed professional engineer where so required by
    the Education Law;
  • (c) Indicate with sufficient clarity and detail the nature and extent of the work proposed;
  • (d) Substantiate that the proposed work will comply with the Uniform Code and the Energy Code and Village
    Code; and
  • (e) Where applicable, include a site plan that shows any existing and proposed buildings and structures on the site, the location of any existing or proposed well or septic system, the location of the intended work, and the
    distances between the buildings and structures and the lot lines.

Time Limits

Building permits shall become invalid unless the authorized work is commenced within six months following the date of issuance. Building permits shall expire 12 months after the date of issuance. A building permit which has become invalid or which has expired pursuant to this subsection may be renewed upon application by the permit holder, payment of the applicable fee and approval of the application by the Building inspector.

Revocation or Suspension of Building Permits

If the Code Enforcement Officer determines that a building permit was issued in error because of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information, or that the work for which a building permit was issued violates the Uniform Code, Energy Code or Village Code, the Building Inspector shall revoke the building permit or suspend the building permit until such time as the permit holder demonstrates that all work then completed is in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Code and all work then proposed to be performed shall be in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Code.

Work to Remain Accessible and ExposedBuilding Inspector

Work shall remain accessible and exposed until Inspected and accepted by the Inspector or by an inspector authorized by the Building Inspector. The permit holder shall notify the Building Inspector when any element of work described below is ready for inspection.

Call for Inspection 48 hrs. In-Advance

Elements of work to be inspected. The following elements of the construction process shall be inspected, made available, where applicable:

  • (1) Work site prior to the issuance of a building permit;
  • (2) Footing and foundation;
  • (3) Preparation for concrete slab;
  • (4) Framing;
  • (5) Building systems, including underground and rough-in;
  • (6) Fire-resistant construction;
  • (7) Fire-resistant penetrations;
  • (8) Solid-fuel-burning heating appliances, chimneys, flues or gas vents;
  • (9) Energy Code compliance; and
  • (10)A final inspection after all work authorized by the building permit has been completed.

A copy of the Electrical Inspectors Certificate of Compliance must be provided to the Building Inspector prior to the Final Inspection so that you can be issued a Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance for your project.

National Grid Gas & Electrical Safety

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