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DIG SAFELY  811  OR  1-800-962-7962


Before any plumbing work shall be started, a permit shall be obtained from the Plumbing Inspector, except that no permit shall be required for the repair or replacement of a valve or faucet or for the clearance of a stoppage or leak within a building, provided that no changes are made in the piping system

Plumbing the practice of installing, extending or altering any piping, fixtures, appliances and appurtenances in connection with any sanitary or storm drainage system, within or adjacent to any building or structure, including the attendant venting and water supply systems, and their connections with a public system or other approved terminals.

Plumbing permits?are required for the following:

  • All interior plumbing
  • Water service repair
  • New water connection
  • Sewer service repair
  • New sewer connection
  • Reconnect water or sewer service
  • All Interior Gas piping
  • Hot water tank
  • Abandon water and/or sewer service
  • Disconnect water and/or sewer service
  • Boiler

Click HERE for a list of Registered Licensed Plumbers for the current year in the Village of Scotia.

Licensed Plumbers

Any person, before engaging in the trade, business or practice of plumbing in the Village of Scotia, shall be a licensed master plumber and shall hold a current certificate of registration issued by the village, except that a special temporary permit for a single plumbing job may be issued to a person holding a current master plumber’s license issued by any municipality of the State of New York.

Any person holding a valid certificate of competency as a master plumber may be registered as a licensed plumber in the Village of Scotia upon registration of such certificate and payment of the required fee therefore.

  • All certificates of registration or licenses shall expire with each calendar year.
  • Annual renewal for the following year may be applied for during the month of December at the regular annual renewal rate.
  • An additional charge of fifty dollars ($50.) shall be added to the annual fee for any renewal applied for after the last day of December.

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Insurance Requirements



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