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Signs are a necessary means of visual communication that can detract from or benefit the character of the Village of Scotia. It is the intent of the sign code to manage signs to avoid visual blight, to promote economic and community development and to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Signs may be erected and maintained in the Village of Scotia only when in compliance with the following provisions. At no time should these provisions be interpreted to regulate any aspect of the content of any sign.

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General conditions for exempt and non-exempt signs.

No sign shall cause glare or reflection that may constitute a traffic hazard or public nuisance.

No sign shall be erected at any location where it may interfere with any authorized traffic sign.

No sign shall produce sound.

Other than window signs, no sign shall be constructed of glass.

No sign shall be constructed using mirror or mirror-like surface or any day-glow or other fluorescent paint or pigment.

No sign shall contain or be illuminated by flashing, intermittent, rotating or moving lights. All luminous signs, indirectly illuminated signs and lighting devices shall employ only lights emitting light of constant intensity. All light sources and immediately adjacent reflecting surfaces shall be shielded from open view from rights-of-way. All external sign light sources must be within five feet of the sign or sign structure.

No non-exempt sign or part thereof shall contain any banner, pennant, ribbon, streamer, spinner, balloon or other similar moving or fluttering devices.

No sign or any structural parts thereof shall have motion other than incidental motion created by wind.

No signs shall he placed, painted or drawn upon trees, man-made or natural features (excluding buildings on the site), on utility poles, bridges, culverts, towers or similar structures, not intended to hold a sign.IMG_Illegal_sign

No sign shall extend beyond the height and width of the building upon which it is mounted.

No sign shall be attached to or placed upon any portion of a fire escape.

No sign shall be erected that will in any way interfere with the activities of the Fire Department.

All structural supports for a sign shall be excluded from the square foot measurements.

Site plan approval is required to erect or make alterations to non-exempt signs on a property that has undergone any prior site plan approval.

Prohibited signs.

The following signs are specifically prohibited by this chapter:

Roof signs. Roof signs are signs mounted on roofs other than mansard roofs.

Portable signs on wheels, carts, trailers or any other device which allows the sign to be moved. Portable signs do not include sandwich board signs.

Fabricated coverings customarily used to cover display of soda cases, stacks of tires, or wood and other similar items for the purposes of advertising are considered a sign and are prohibited.

Exempt signs.

The following types of signs are allowed without any municipal approval or permit. Any such sign shall not exceed the maximum dimensional, height, number of faces or area requirements stated herein. If such requirements are not stated in this section, the maximum dimensional, height or area requirements of the table in 205-6 shall apply, except for table requirements for “letter height” and “distance from any other freestanding sign.”

Temporary on-premises signs. All such signs shall be no greater than six square feet per face.

One, temporary, non-illuminated sign on said property advertising the sale or lease of said property. Such sign shall be removed within five days of lease or transfer of title of said property.

Temporary, non-illuminated signs on said property advertising the sale of merchandise, special event or general marketing information. Such signs may be placed seven days prior to the sale or special event and shall be removed within three days after the sale or special event, but in no case shall a general marketing sign be displayed for a period longer than 60 days.

Temporary off-premises signs. Any residential property owner or not-for-profit group is permitted to place single temporary, non-illuminated signs which advertise a special event, sale or fundraising event. No temporary off-premises sign which advertises a for-profit business event is allowed. Temporary off-premises signs may be displayed no more than 10 days prior to the event and must be removed one day after the event.

Election signs. All signs advertising a candidate for public office or any other public ballot initiative. Such signs may not be displayed on Village of Scotia lands or rights-of-way.

Public safety signs. Non-illuminated signs offering information necessary for public safety such as customary no trespassing signs, private drive, parking, or exit/entrance signs along with other signs required pursuant to any governmental function, law or regulation.

Historical signs/markers. All historical, memorial or directional markers, when not associated with a commercial activity, such as flags, insignia or emblems of any government or religious organization.

Construction signs. One sign identifying the parties involved in the design, financing and/or provision of labor and materials associated with a construction or renovations on the premise is allowed. Such signs shall be removed upon completion of the work or prior to the issuance of any certificate of occupancy or final building inspection before use. All construction signs are limited to six feet in height, six square feet per face and two faces.

Home occupation. One nonilluminated sign stating name and vocation only may be erected as a building sign or freestanding sign for professional office/home occupation use. Home occupation signs are limited to 1 1/2 square feet per face. Freestanding home occupation signs are limited to six feet in height and two faces and must be set back 10 feet from all public rights-of-way.

Temporary banners and posters. All banners, pennants, posters and the like must be attached to a building and maintained in original condition. Such signs may not exceed 30 square feet per face and may be displayed no more than 60 days.