Interested in Scotia History?

There are many ways to help make our Scotia stories available to the community.

Long-range planning for the museum
Planning for special events
Planning and designing exhibits
Becoming a tour guide or greeter
Assisting with events-games, refreshments, activities, set-up, etc.
House cleaning and light maintenance

Data entry and record keeping (typing on a computer)
Researching historical topics, and helping others do research
Oral history interviewing
Identifying and researching old tools
Developing materials and projects for students, young and old.

Do you have an interest in researching, writing about, or presenting a program about a particular period in Scotia History?

Some examples-the broom corn industry, the Dutch settlers, colonial and military topics, westward expansion and settlement of New York, stories about the Village and its business in the 20th century.

Please contact the Historian if you would like to talk about volunteering.