Ryan Kedzior, Superintendent
Cathy Busher, Typist

4 Zoar Court
Scotia, New York 12302

Community Water Supply Emergency Response Plan – Scotia – AWIA ERP – FOR PUBLIC VIEW 6-24-22

2022 Annual Water Quality Report

MS4 March 2021 – March 2022 Annual Report Summary

2022 MS4 Annual Report FINAL

2023 MS4 Annual Report DRAFT

Stormwater Management Plan (Updated April 2019)

To comment on either Report or the Storm Water Management Plan contact the

Department of Public Works at 518-393-2159.


Free Lead Testing through New York State


Yard Waste Collection (separate from loose leaf pick up):

Regular yard waste collection will resume the first full week of April, and continue, weather permitting, until the first week of December.

Yard waste will be picked up on your regular trash collection day.  Please do not place yard waste at the curb before the scheduled start date

The rules and regulations are as follows:

  • Yard Waste shall mean residential or commercial leaf waste, lawn clippings and brush. Receptacle requirements: grass, leaves, hedge clippings and twigs shall be in either 30 gallon compostable paper bags or a maximum 30 gallon rigid and water proof receptacle with handles and lid and clearly marked Yard Waste.
  • Either receptacle must not exceed 60 pounds.
  • Loose yard waste, consisting of brush and tree branches that are 4 inches or less in diameter, 4 feet or less in length and weigh less than 60 pounds must be bundled and tied. Brush and limbs, over 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter, and any stumps must be disposed of by the property owner.


Annual Curbside Loose Leaf Pick Up:

The Village of Scotia Department of Public Works will begin their annual loose leaf pick up program on or about the first week of November. Pick up will continue weather permitting, until the end of November.  Residents are asked to rake their leaves to the curb for vacuum pick up.  Please do not mix brush, dirt or other yard debris in with your loose leaves.  Piles of mixed debris will not be picked up


Bulk Item Pick Up:

1. Check if item you wish to dispose of is on the list below:

Washers & Dryers
Hot Water Heaters
Lawnmowers & Snow blowers (empty of all gas and oil)
Grills (propane tank removed)
Dehumidifiers & Air Conditioners
Furnaces & Boilers
Certain Exercise Equipment (call DPW for final determination)
Metal Swing Sets & Playground Equipment
Refrigerators & Freezers
Sleeper Sofa

2. Buy a sticker at the Village Clerk’s Office –Stickers are $5.00 and non-refundable

3. Place the sticker on the item and place it at the curb for pick up

To avoid confusion, please do not place items out on your normal trash collection day.

4. Call the Department of Public Works at 393-2159 so we know to pick up
your item.

Items that will not be picked up include but are not limited to:
Basketball Hoops
Cabinets and Countertops
Construction Debris
Plastic or Wood Swing Sets & Playground Equipment
Tires and Other Car Parts

Items that can be disposed of with weekly household garbage include:
Countertop Appliances
Wooden Furniture Excluding Sleeper Sofas
Mattresses & Box Springs

Please contact the Schenectady County Conservation District (399-6980) or the City of Schenectady Transfer Station (374-1124) for more information on disposal of other large appliances.


Trash and Recyclable Collection

Services shall include:

  1. Non recycling solid waste, up to 90 gallons per week placed in receptacles of maximum 40 gallon size. Each receptacles must not exceed 50 lbs.
  2. Recyclable tin, plastic and glass, newspapers, magazines and other paper products may all be placed in the same receptacle of maximum 40 gallon size.  Receptacle must not exceed 50 lbs. and should be labeled with a sticker available at the Department of Public Works or Village Hall.
  3. Recyclable corrugated cardboard, up to cubic yard per week, boxes must be broken down, bundled and tied.
  4. Services shall be provided to each service location once per week, with up to one furniture item per week per residential unit.

NOTE: Normal weekly services shall not include:

  • Bulk waste
  • hazardous waste
  • construction and demolition debris
  • more than one piece of furniture per week or furniture with metal (ex. sofa beds)
  • tires
  • white goods
  • car parts
  • yard waste
  • brush or garden vegetation, except when otherwise specified