Minutes of the Village Board, March-April 1918

March 4
Office of the Village Treasurer will be at the Village Hall; all materials will be kept there; all monies collected there; Village Clerk will collect in Treasurer?s absence.
Salary for the Treasurer, $150 per year; salary for Clerk, $1400 per year.
Village election will be on March 19 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Petition to be put up for vote: to install a Fire Alarm System for the Village, not to exceed $2500.
Annual reports from Street, Water, Sewer, Light, and Fire Commissioners; Finance Committee; and Village Treasurer read and put on file. Copies to be printed and sent with water bills.
Salary of the Street Commissioner will be $450.
Budget estimates adopted:
General Fund, $9342.99 (includes special contingent war fund of $1128)
Water Fund, $19,918
Sewer Fund, $13,416
Street Fund, $9133
Drainage Sewer, $1607
Fire Fund, $2604
Light Fund, $2670 (street lights)
Health Fund, $1188 (Plumbing inspection, milk inspection)
Total needed: $45, 317 [above numbers will not add up, some summarization was done (past due amounts, surpluses, etc.)?ed.]

March 18
Bill from W.W. Chadsey for extra engineering services on the Outlet Sewer & Screening Chamber ($180) was referred to Village Attorney about legality of claim.
Bills and payroll approved.

March 25, Annual Meeting
President, Augustus H. Lasher
Trustees, Stanley E. Ford, Horton S. Potter, Jacob Schuler, Fred L Sturdy
F.F. Lamboy appointed Superintendent of Water & Sewers and Plumbing Inspector.
Charles W. Matthews appointed Assistant, Water & Sewers, to be paid $1150 and he will pay rent at the pumping station house of $12.50 per month.
The Street Commissioner will employ George Kiefer as driver of the village team at $75 per year. He can also hire labor, at not more than 30 cents/hour for ordinary work, and not more than $3 per day for special work.
Schenectady Trust Co. will be the official Village bank.
The President can provide for police protection at not more than $25 per month.
The President is given full power to direct the Village Engineer to furnish grade stakes when he deems it necessary and proper.
The Superintendent of Water & Sewers may hire a utility man for $75 per month, with additional ordinary labor at $2.50 per day, or special work at $3 per day.
Fred R. Lindsey will be the Village Engineer at $7.50 per day for engineer and 1 assistant, and $10 per day for engineer and 2 assistants.
The Schenectady Gazette is the official Village newspaper.
The Village safe deposit box is at the Schenectady Trust Co.
Burglar insurance will be purchased for the Village Hall.
Maurice B. Flinn will be the Village Attorney at $800 per year.
The Finance Committee report was read and approved.
The resignation of the Village Assessor, Frank E. Haselo, was accepted. Samuel M. Hillis was appointed.
The President is authorized to purchase a new steel tank for the street sprinkler and a new dump wagon for the Street Department, not to exceed $350.
The attorney determined that the bill from W.W. Chadsey for engineering services was not legal and it was disallowed.
The Water Committee will be instructed to provide a second vacuum pump rotor and switchboard for pump #3, other changes as necessary, not to exceed $600.
Roof of Village Hall to be reslaged [sic] and coated, not to exceed $165.
Clerk to purchase one or 2 boat pumps for Street Department, not to exceed $20.
A committee of 2 (Lasher & Ford) was appointed to select a team of horses, get an option, and report back.
Standing committees for the year are Finance, Water, Buildings, Sewer, Light & Railroads, Streets.

April 2
R.C. Weaver declined the Treasurer position and? LeRoy R. Wood was appointed.
The sixth installment of the Schon-o-wee Rd. assessment is due May 1; also the fourth installment of Ballston St. assessment.
Accounts for the Street Commissioner and Clerk for last year were approved.
A petition from 4th Street for sewers was referred to the Sewer Committee.
A petition for a cement sidewalk on the NW side of Ballston St. was received; hearing to be held May 6.
A vote of thanks to the Scotia Home Defense League for their offer to assist in maintaining order in the Village; the Village President will make arrangements as he is Chief of Police.
Application of Fred Borelli for sewer on Wallace St. referred to Sewer Committee.
Application for light on Meriline St. referred to Light committee.
Application for water main in 5th St. east of Wallace referred to Water Committee.
Payroll and bills approved.

April 15
Stanley E. Ford resigned as Trustee: Walter W. Miller appointed for 1 year.
Harry Van Epps appointed Fire Commissioner for 3 years.
Applications for sewer extensions were approved where most needed: Lark, Toll, Robin, and Jay Streets. Tile to be purchased at bid price from George E. Van Vorst. Superintendent of Sewers will do the work.
Clerk to purchase 3500 stamped envelopes for the Water Department, not to exceed $75.60.
Materials for the extension of the water main on 5th St. east of Wallace will be purchased and Superintendent of Water will install.
Village Clerk to purchase new cutter blade for street scraper.
New street lights will be installed at: SE corner of 4th & Huston; 4th St. halfway between Huston & Root; corner of Sacandaga and Toll; corner of Wallace and 5th.
Paper and muresco [paint] will be procured for the village house at the Pumping Station.
The President will look over the grade conditions between Vley Rd. and the Schoolhouse on First Street with the Village Engineer.
The Water & Sewers Superintendent is authorized to employ one extra utility man not to exceed $2.90 per day.
Clerk will send letter of regrets and thanks for 3 years service as member of board and 3 years service as Fire Commissioner to Stanley E. Ford.
Payroll and bills approved.
Committee changes: Jacob Schuler will chair Finance and Buildings; Walter W Miller will serve on Sewer and Finance in place of Schuler.

April 26
Special meeting
Report of the committee on obtaining horses. They have an option on a team of sorrel [reddish-brown] horses weighing approximately 2600 pounds, priced at $550, recommend purchase from Patrick Myers. Approved.
President authorized to purchase one set double harness at $110.