The Building & Code Enforcement Dept. shall review and investigate bona fide complaints which allege or assert the existence of conditions or activities that fail to comply with the Uniform Code, the Energy Code, the Village Code or any other local law or regulation adopted for administration and enforcement of the Uniform Code, the Energy Code or Village Code. The process for responding to a complaint shall include such of the following steps as the Code Enforcement Officer may deem to be appropriate:

  1. Performing an inspection of the conditions and/or activities alleged to be in violation and documenting the results of such inspection;
  2. If a violation is found to exist, providing the owner of the affected property with notice of the violation and opportunity to abate, correct or cure the violation, or otherwise proceeding in the manner described in 150-15 (Violations; penalties for offenses) of this chapter;
  3. If appropriate, issuing a stop-work order;
  4. If a violation which was found to exist is abated or corrected, performing an inspection to ensure that the violation has been abated or corrected, preparing a final written report reflecting such abatement or correction and filing such report with the complaint.



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Chp. 115CodeEnforcementExample1a

Brush, Grass and Weeds, It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain, permit or allow upon any such lot or land any uncut growth of grass, weeds or brush, or any noxious or poisonous plants to accumulate or grow to a height in excess of 10 inches. Shrubs shall be trimmed and shall be kept from becoming overgrown.

Chp. 119

Unsafe Buildings, Unsafe buildings pose a threat to life and property in the Village of Scotia. Buildings and structures may become unsafe by reason of damage by fire, the elements, age or general deterioration. Vacant buildings not properly secured also serve as an attractive nuisance for young children who may be injured therein as well as a point of congregation by vagrants and others. A dilapidated building may also serve as a place of rodent infestation, thereby creating a health menace to the community. It is the purpose of this chapter to provide for the safety, health protection and general welfare of persons and property in the Village of Scotia by requiring that such unsafe buildings be secured, repaired or demolished and removed.

Chp. 160code-violations-examples

Garbage, Rubbish, Refuse and Bulk Waste, It shall be unlawful for any person to allow garbage, rubbish, bulk waste or refuse to accumulate upon any premises owned or occupied by him/her. No person shall throw, dump, or bury any garbage, bulk waste or refuse upon any premises, public or private.


Chp. 161

Graffiti, No person shall write, paint or draw any word, inscription, design, figure or mark, or otherwise mar or deface any property, real or personal, public or private, nor any building, church, statue, monument, office, passenger or commercial vehicle, bridge, dwelling or structure of any kind, including those in the course of construction or any portion thereof, without the consent and express written permission of the owner or proprietor thereof or, in the case of public property, of the person having charge, custody or control thereof.

Chp. 196

Property registry, the purpose of this article is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Village residents and establish a procedure and standards for the identification and registration of rental dwelling properties to ensure that the Village has an efficient and effective means of communicating with those persons and companies who own rental dwelling properties. The Village finds and declares that the registration of rental dwelling property is intended to and will ensure the protection of persons and property in residential rental structures required to be registered under this article as well as the public.

Chp. 250

Zoning, No land or building shall hereafter be used or occupied unless in conformity with the regulations herein specified for the district within which it is located.