This is the front page of the Schenectady Gazette from April 6, 1917. We have a copy in a giant-size scrapbook donated to the Flint House by Marjorie Englehardt.

Below is a list of Scotia men–and women–who served in the war. This clipping is undated. I copied it at the Glenville History Center. Joan Szablewski, the Glenville Historian, has collected lots of information about all the wars Glenville citizens have experienced.

The New York State Archives “preserves the service cards of every New Yorker who served….and over 300,000 photos, letters and records from service members at home and overseas.” (

They also have a link to the free New York records available on

The Library of Congress has many records as well; they recently posted issues of the Stars and Stripes newspaper, which was published for soldiers of this war.