In 1917 a new ordinance regarding fireworks and other explosive devices was enacted in preparation for the upcoming 4th of July. The text of the ordinance is directly below; you can read about the petition and hearing (for a safe and sane Fourth) held before its enactment in the account of the board minutes following.


The Board of Trustees of the Village of Scotia in regular meeting convened ordain as follows: Section 1: It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to discharge, or cause to be discharged, within the corporate limits of the Village of Scotia, any fireworks, firearms, rockets, gunpowder or other explosives.
Section 2: The sale of firearms, fireworks, rockets, gunpowder or other explosives, by any person or persons within the corporate limits of the Village of Scotia, is hereby prohibited.
Section 3: Any person or persons violating the provisions of the Ordinance shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Twenty Five Dollars for each offense, and in addition to said penalty, such violation shall constitute disorderly conduct, and the person violating the same shall be a disorderly person, and? upon conviction, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding the said penalty, together with the costs of the proceeding, and in default of the payment of the said fine and costs, shall be committed to the county jail, for a term not exceeding one day for each dollar of the fine so imposed.
Section 4: The provisions of Section 10 of a Village Ordinance adopted July 1st, 1904, relative to the discharge of firearms, rockets, gunpowder or fireworks in the Village of Scotia, are hereby repealed.
Section 5: The Ordinance shall take effect after its publication in the official newspaper of the Village, once a week for two consecutive weeks, and the posting of a printed copy thereof conspicuously in at least three public places in the Village for at least ten days, and an Affidavit of said publication and posting filed with the Village Clerk.
Approved as to form the 21 day of May, 1917 (Signed) Maurice B. Flinn, Village Attorney
Adopted by the following vote. Ayes: Lasher, Field and Petter. Noes: Ford and Wood.

Scotia Village Board Minutes, May and June 1917

May 1
Business related to the street fund.
Bids received for surface and sanitary sewers?Ellis B. Edgar awarded the contract for $7064.50.
The Street Commissioner can make repairs to surface water catch basins in Mohawk Ave. in front of Collins property and charge it to the Street fund.
Proposals were received for a dwelling house on the Scotia Water Works property in the town of Glenville. James Haley & Sons were awarded the contract for the house; G.E. Van Vorst received the contract for the plumbing and heating. (Total was $2918.)
The following petition was read:
Petition of the Citizens of the Village requesting the Board of Trustees to take such action as may be necessary to insure a safe and sane Fourth Day of July. Signed by 177 citizens, filed by Miss R. Becker on behalf of the PTA of Mohawk School. Hearing set for May 21.
Village Clerk instructed to purchase 36 tons of stove & egg coal and 16 tons of chestnut coal, divided as closely as possible among the 3 local coal dealers.
Amounts allocated for Village payroll.
Mr. Potter of the Railroad Committee talked to the Schenectady Railway Company about installing a switch in Wallace St. to relieve congestion on the Ballston Ave. lines. The Committee will investigate.
Bills reviewed for payment.

May 21
Hearing about the safe and sane Fourth petition:
Randolph Magee did not wish to oppose safe and sane, but what about the merchants who had stock [fireworks, etc] on hand or orders they couldn?t cancel? Mrs. W.L. Wilson from the PTA urged approval from the standpoint of mothers wanting to protect their children from injuries from fireworks. Though they had not considered the financial aspect, they still felt that protecting the children was more important. No other remarks.
Hearing for petition for improvement of Third Street with sidewalks:
Two out-of-town property owners spoke in opposition but had no formal objection. Four plus a representative of St. Andrews Church spoke in favor because of the condition of the sidewalks. The petition by more than half of the property owners called for a cement sidewalk on both sides of Third Street between Vley and Sacandaga, and the petition was granted. Sidewalks will be 4 feet, 6 inches in width, the outside line 36 inches from the curb line and 2 inches above the curb grade, and will follow all other sidewalk regulations. It will be constructed at the homeowners? expense and be completed by August 1. Any unfinished parts will be completed by the Village and the expense assessed to the owners. All owners to be notified.
The Superintendent of Sewers will construct a sanitary sewer in Lark St., from Swan to the house of Ruth Fancher; the Village Clerk will purchase the supplies.
A Resolution was adopted to issue bonds for the surface and sanitary sewers (Sacandaga between Sixth and Toll); a term of 16 years, interest not to exceed 5%.
The Street Commissioner will grade the carriageway in Hawk St., pave the gutters with cobblestone, and cover in between with gravel. Village Clerk will purchase supplies.
Plans for proposed changes to the Village sewer disposal system were accepted and will be sent to the State Department of Health.
Resolution for the bonds to be issued for $3000 to pay for the house on the water works property.
The Village Attorney will represent the Village at a hearing on special franchise assessments at the State Board of Tax Commissioners on June 5, 1917.
Resolutions related to bonds for water bond funds.
[Here is where the new Fireworks Ordinance was inserted.]
A complaint of property owners on Craigie Ave was noted. The Street Committee will have the street lines located and notify all persons to remove any encroachments.
J. E. Vickery asked privilege of the floor. A woman had fallen at the junction of his sidewalk and the junction on Ballston Ave, which is not at the same grade and differs by 2-4 inches. This should be brought to a common grade to prevent future incidents.
Payroll was approved for May 1-15; bills were submitted to be paid.

June 4, 1917
Financial items: Borrow $9,000 in anticipation of taxes (2 months at 5% interest); James Haley and Sons to be paid the amounts due on contract [for the house at the Water Works].
Superintendent of Water instructed to move the hydrants in Third Street as necessary to construct the sidewalks.
A fence will be constructed at the Water Works pumping station.
Payroll approved for May 16-31; bills submitted to be paid.

June 18, 1917
List of the bids for $16,000 worth of Village of Scotia bonds for water & sewer. Isaac W. Sherrill Company got all of them.
Village Clerk to direct the Schenectady Illuminating Company to install a new 40 C.P[candlepower] street lamp on Sunnyside Road, the 3
rd pole easterly from light #152; install a new 40 C.P. in Bruce Street, 3rd pole north from #139; move light #12 to opposite side of Mohawk Ave. and install additional 60 C.P. lamps near the corner of Mohawk and Schon-o-we Ave.
Payroll and bills submitted to be paid.