In 2020, of course, the Flint House was not open for Office Hours after March, and no events were scheduled. Research continued, and I was able to assist people with email and with some outdoor meetings. Hoping for better times later in 2021.

The spring blossoms put on another beautiful show.
In May we planted two of the Glenville Bicentennial trees on the Flint House grounds. (We didn’t know then that all of the bicentennial events would be cancelled.) I teamed up with Dr. Steve Jones to do archaeology test pits as we dug the holes for the trees.

New community gardens were added this year, and I planted a plot of broomcorn.
There were beautiful fall days, but the transition to winter brought a lot of cloudy and dull weather.

December brought one big snowstorm–almost 30 inches–and its quick melting brought an impressive set of icicles. And the clouds parted enough to deliver a beautiful winter solstice sunset.