One Hundred Years Ago at the Village Board, January-February 1919

Jan. 6
Sewer bond of $2000, bid accepted.
Dudley Hill Toll reappointed as Acting Police Justice for a year.
School taxes paid on the Village Water Works, Glenville District 10.
Mr. Schuler will have the names engrossed in the Certificates of Appreciation to be issued to those returning from service in the War, not to exceed $15.
Water Committee to purchase a Senoscope & Tungsten Magnetic needle, not to exceed $20.
Payroll and bills approved.

Jan. 20
Resolutions related to sinking funds and bonds, sewers and fire department.
Treasurer reported the list of unpaid taxes, and they will sell an interest in the described property for the amount of unpaid tax, in accordance with statute.
Discussion Special Street Fund bond.
Horses are to be purchased at an expense not to exceed $450.
Payroll and bills approved.

Feb. 3
Street Fund finances
Payroll and bills approved.

Feb. 17
Property taxes to Glenville for Village property are due?water dept. $27.39, sewer dept. $9.43.
President authorized to buy a pair of chestnut sorrel horses from Neil F. Ryan for $600.
Also approved: a pushcart for $12 and a pair of collars for the new team. The team of black horses now belonging to the Village will be disposed of.
Payroll and bills approved.

Feb. 28
Street fund finances
Payroll approved.
Bills approved. Also to pay Sylvester Cornell for 50 feet of Sanitary Sewer in 5th St. ($39.76) and the Village will take over the sewer. The Water Fund will transfer to the Sewer Fund $100 for lumber removed from the sewer disposal plant to be used for building at the Water Dept.
The Health Fund will transfer to the General Fund the surplus at the end of the fiscal year ending Feb. 28, 1919: $241.08. From the surplus in the General Fund, transfer of $1131.49 to the Street Fund and $34.56 to the Sewer Fund.