One Hundred Years Ago at the Village Board, May-June, 1919

May 5
Hearing on Second St. sidewalk petition opened. There were no speakers; hearing closed. Previous petition granted for a cement sidewalk on the north side of Second St. between Root and Sacandaga, 4 feet in width and 3 feet from the curb, in accordance with all Village regulations about sidewalks. To be constructed at the expense of the property owners and completed by July 1, 1919.
The Street Committee has requested a gravel loading and screening outfit with 4 compartments of 20-ton capacity plus motors, not to exceed $1150. President authorized to purchase it.
Petition from the owners of more than half the properties on Fourth St., between Huston and Sacandaga, for cement sidewalk on both sides. The whole expense will be assessed to the adjoining land. Hearing to be held May 19.
Street Committee and Village Engineer to determine the method and probable cost of draining First St.; the cost of an additional catch basin at Hawk & Mohawk; and repairs of the catch basin at Mohawk & Ballston.
Street Committee to do grading on Fourth St. in the next 2 weeks to determine how much needs to be done and the cost.
Street Committee to provide a suitable guard rail to protect the approaches to the bridge at the Collins Lake outlet.
Building Committee to take the buildings removed from the sewer disposal plant and reconstruct on village property at the water tower, by day work not to exceed $250.
Payroll and bills approved.

May 19
Street Commissioner shall grade Fourth St. as much as possible with village teams and laborers, not to exceed $500.
Outlet to catch basin at Mohawk & Ballston to be repaired.
New catch basin and manhole to be constructed on Mohawk Ave. surface sewer at or near the corner of Hawk St., not to exceed $250.
Hearing on Fourth St. sidewalk; no opposition, four persons spoke in favor. Petition granted; to be 4.5 feet wide, 3 feet from curb, follow all other Village regulations, and be completed by August 1.
Discussion of Street Fund financial items.
Letter from the University of the State of New York relative to wooden shelves in the Village vault in the cellar of Village Hall; referred to the Building Committee.
Pay George Plantz for completing painting the Village water tower.
Building Committee to expend an additional $150 for reconstructing and painting the buildings on water tower property.
W. W. Miller and the sewer committee recommends digging and backfilling of ditches for the sewer in Wallace, Fifth, and Fourth streets be let by contract. President to enter into a contract with Joseph Rondazzo for the work.
Great Western Gateway?a bill approving its erection has been signed by the governor and is now a law.
Read a notice from the State Board of Tax Commissioners, Village Attorney to follow up.
Payroll and bills approved.

June 2
Schenectady Co-operative Realty Co. requested reimbursement for the sewer they constructed in Glen Ave.
Residents of Vley Rd. presented a petition signed by 45 persons to ask that cinders be removed from the street. There was ?considerable discussion.? Cinders will be removed, not to exceed $100.
Street Commissioner to sprinkle Glen Ave. and other streets as he is able and keep sprinklers busy until further notice, and hire an extra team for this purpose.
The Light Committee is authorized to purchase 25 signs for use on corners of main streets.
The Building Committee will dispose of part of a building now at the water tower property at the best price obtainable.
Financial matters about borrowing money.
The Sewer Committee will construct 188 feet of sanitary sewer in Reynolds St., from Glen Ave. south to the property of F.R. Lindsey, as long as it doesn?t exceed the appropriation of $900.
President to purchase a new sign at the entrance to the village at the Mohawk River Bridge [now the end of Schonowee Ave.] at a cost not to exceed $24.60. The Light Committee to put up a new 40 C.P. street lamp over the sign and to move the present 80 C.P. light near that place and put it also over the sign, using a 40 C.P. bulb so the total light is still 80 C.P.
Payroll and bills approved.

June 16
The tax levy for 1919 is $1.80 per $100 of value, for a total of $42, 469.06.
Report from the Village Treasurer about the overdue street assessments, entered in the minutes and will be added to the tax levy.
Street bond business discussed.
Clerk to purchase 24 each of curb cocks and curb boxes, not to exceed $75. [This controls the water into a building, so it can be shut off in an emergency.]
Street Committee to purchase 16 signs announcing the Village Parking Ordinance, not to exceed $37.50.
Street Committee to have door and runway at the rear of Village Hall changed to give the horses a safe means of entrance and exit, $100.
Street Committee to dispose of old road scraper at the best price obtainable.
Frank E. Haselo appointed Village Policeman for the year ending Mar. 22, 1920; he will receive certificate after he qualifies.
Payroll and bills approved.