One Hundred Years+ Ago at the Village Board Sept-Oct. 1918

Sept. 2
No quorum, adjourned.

Sept. 4
James Ransom to be reimbursed for whatever expense he may incur going to and from Pumping Station during the vacation of Charles W. Matthews.
Building Committee to have lights repaired on the lower floor of the Village Hall.
Payroll and bills approved.

Sept. 16
The sidewalk laid by D. G. Belcher for the Village is not satisfactory; they promised to make it good but haven?t. The President may take whatever action is necessary to have it completed before the weather is too cold.
Received the resignation of Harry Van Epps as Fire Commissioner.
The Clerk is authorized to purchase necessary equipment to put the Village Sprinkler in working order not to exceed $100.
Mr. A. C. Spitzer, Fire Chief, and Mr. L.M. Burt requested the board if possible get a suitable service flag showing the number of Voluntary Firemen from the village in service of the country. Spitzer and Burt appointed as a committee to choose and purchase one, not to exceed $20 from the special war contingent fund.
Building Committee to investigate removal of buildings from the sewer disposal plant and report back.
Clerk to request Schenectady Illuminating Company to install one new 40 C.P. [candlepower] street lamp at Huston & Second St.
Payroll and bills approved.

Oct. 7
Schenectady Railway Corp applied to the Public Service Commission to increase passenger fares between Schenectady and Scotia, and within the Village of Scotia. The Board believes fares of 8? to Schenectady and 6? within Scotia ?excessive, unreasonable, and wholly disproportionate to the service rendered.? President to file a formal protest and the Village Attorney to appear and present the case to the PSC.
Fireman Motala?s salary to be increased to $90/month beginning October 1, if funds are available.
Matter related to the Village issuing bonds for $2500 to purchase and install a Fire Alarm System in the Village as per vote at the election in March, 1918.
Proposal from Rev. Bard, Rev. Roberts, and Rev. Reynolds requesting the fire whistle be blown at 12:30 [may be 12:00 noon, text not clear] each day as a signal for people to pause and pray for the success of our nation and their allies for an enduring peace. Referred to the Board of Fire Commissioners.
The Board of Fire Commissioners to make a report at the next meeting as to the disposition, if any, of the sorrel team and the black team [horses].
A letter from GE relative to the compensator referred to the Water Committee.
Letter from the Committee of Fire Department members relative to the appointment of a Fire Commissioner read. Reply andrequest they recommend additional names not less than 3.
The bad condition of the crosswalk on Sacandaga Rd. referred to the Superintendent of Streets.
Building Committee to be given power to act in the matter of moving the sewer disposal plant buildings.
Superintendent of Water given power to hire additional man at a salary not to exceed $80/month if there are sufficient funds.
Payroll and bills approved.

Oct. 21
Resignation of F. L. Sturdy from the Board.
Payroll and bills approved.