One Hundred Years Ago at the Village Board, September-December, 1919

Sept. 6, 1919
Hearing to be held Oct. 6 about paving, curbing, and grading Vley Rd.
In accordance with Chapter 181 of the Laws of 1919, Mr. C.P. Sanders is appointed local Historian for the Village of Scotia, and notice will be sent to Jas. Sullivan, State Historian, upon acceptance of the office by Mr. Sanders.
Mr. Crouse, representing the Aeroplane Service & Aviation Field, is permitted to place not more than 3 signs, to be approved by the President of this Board.
Resolution adopted relative to plans for the Schenectady-Scotia bridge approach in Scotia.
Ordinance prohibiting the planting and directing the removal of all poplar trees within 50 feet of any water or sewer main in the Village of Scotia, because of damage caused by roots growing into pipe connections. 1. Planting on public streets within 50 feet prohibited; 2. All now planted on public streets to be cut and roots destroyed within one year; 3. Street Commission to serve notice to any owner with poplar on private land within 50 feet of any previously clogged pipes to remove the trees; 4. Penalties described.
Bond issue on approach to bridge deferred until next meeting.
Payroll and bills approved.

Sept. 22, 1919
Board to advertise for bids for construction of the sidewalk on Fourth St. which is not yet completed.
Reschedule meeting about Vley Rd. paving project to Oct. 20.
Plans for Sacandaga Road improvement to village engineer to examine and report. To include estimate of cost to Village above amount from State Highway.
Resolutions about Sacandaga Rd.: All water and sewer connections between Mohawk Ave. and Toll St. must be made by Oct. 30 before the concrete paving project begins.
Information about financing the paving project—special election to be held Oct. 10 about borrowing $24,000.
Extend water main on 5th St. easterly to lot #53.
Street committee can spend up to $200 on curbs and crosswalks.
Resolution: Village of Scotia to issue bonds to raise $50,000 for its share in constructing the approach to the new bridge. Public sale to be held Oct. 20, interest to be raised by taxes.
Sanitary sewer line in Ten Broeck, 50 ft completed by Joseph H. Wright in accordance with Village plans.
Water committee granted $350 for supplies.
Payroll and bills approved.

Oct. 6, 1919
Bids were opened and the contract goes to D. R. Wollcott for sidewalk on 4th St. between Huston and Sacandaga; at 20 cents/sq. ft. plus 70 cents/cu. yd for grading.
Petition of property owners on Douglas St. [now 5th St. between Vley and Wallace] for sanitary sewers in 1920; referred to Sewer Committee.
Payroll and bills approved.

Oct. 10, Special Meeting
Request to New York State to modify the Sacandaga Road improvement plans.
Also a request to modify the Schenectady-Scotia bridge approach plans; changes to the width of streets and angle of approach, not to exceed $50,000 above the Scotia share from the Town of Glenville sale of the present toll bridge.

Oct. 20, 1919
Petition of Charles Gilgore for 70 feet of sanitary sewer on Irving Rd, following the usual rules.
Building Committee to repair shed roof between Village Hall and the Hook & Ladder building, not to exceed $40.
Payroll and bills approved.
Bridge construction bonds for $50,000 to George B. Gibbons & Co.
Hearing on Vley Rd. paving opened; several in favor, none opposed. Discussion; hearing closed.
Deferred until report from Village engineer.
Charles W. Shaw is appointed Trustee until Mar. 22, 1920, to fill the vacancy by resignation of William F. Sneed.

Nov. 3, 1919
A delegation from Groveland asked for road work and street lights. Referred to the Street and Light Committee.
Mr. Callahan of St. Joseph’s Church asked for the crosswalk in front of the high school to be moved opposite Center St.
Mr. Peck directed Mr. Belcher and Mr. Cassady that dirt must be removed from in front of their property on Fourth St.
The Neptune Engine Co. and John Miller Hook & Ladder Co. to be paid $100 each.
School taxes on the Village property in School District 10 to be paid.
Payroll and bills approved.

Nov. 6, 1919
Special meeting relating to bridge construction bonds.

Nov. 17, 1919
Mr. Spitzer requests the board consider securing a tractor to handle the village equipment.
Mr. W. R. Williams, Supervisor Town of Glenville, and the Water Commissioners of the Town discussed the Village furnishing water to that district.
Discussion of matters related to street fund finances.
School tax on sewer disposal property to be paid.
Clerk to purchase one barrel of Renowned Engine Oil from Standard Oil Co. for 38 cents/gallon; also to purchase water meters and other related parts.
Schenectady Illuminating Co. to put 2 new street lamps on Sunnyside Rd. and 1 on Center St.
Water Committee to purchase new stove not to exceed $25.
George Buhrmaster to be employed as a utility man in the Water & Sewer Dept. at $85/month; if satisfactory raise to $100/month.
Payroll and bills approved.

Dec. 1, 1919
Discussion of bridge fund business.
Will meet Jan. 5 about constructing sidewalks on Fourth St.
Building Committee to make alterations to Hook & Ladder building not to exceed $50.
Discussion of water bond business.
Building Committee to put concrete apron around the Engineer’s residence, not to exceed $15.
Village Engineer to establish grade and easterly property line on Toll St.
Payroll and bills approved.

Dec. 15, 1919
Bids received for Water & Sewer bonds; sold to George B. Gibbons.
Extra $2 allowed for work on Hook & Ladder building.
B. H. Frisse appointed Police Officer.
Water contract with Glenville Water District #1 approved.
Local coal committee announced to work with the Fuel Administration.
Payroll and bills approved.