Scotia Village Board Minutes November-December 1917 (summary)

Nov 1, 1917

Financial matters related to the Special Street Fund.
The Building Committee instructed to purchase a new American flag for use at the Village Hall, and if money is available, to put a flag staff on the roof.
Schenectady County will be paid $333.13 in 1918 for repairs and maintenance of the State Highway within the Village (22,209 square yards). This will be included in the Village budget and tax levy.
Pay Ellis B. Edgar towards sewer work.
Payroll and bill payments approved.

Nov. 19, 1917

A meeting was set up for December 3 about the assessments for sidewalks on Third St. All interested parties to be notified 10 days in advance.
Discussion of payoff of Ballston St. improvement bonds from 1914.
Board to offer a reward of $10 to anyone supplying information leading to arrest and conviction of any person or persons breaking street lights in the Village of Scotia.

Dec. 3, 1917

Meeting opened with request for any complaints related to the Third Street sidewalk construction. No complaints were offered. Therefore the following amounts were payable by December 17. [A list of the lots, owners and amounts payable followed.]
GE has repaired the leak in the suction pipe on the new water pump installed by them at the Scotia Water Works. Therefore, pay balance due of $190.27.
Clerk to purchase another section of book case for the office, not to exceed $5.50.
Bids opened and read for decorating the inside of the Village Hall. Low bid of $125 from Joseph Clark accepted [range was $125-$295. The work to be done included paint and varnish.]
Pay Ellis B. Edgar for sewer work.
A petition from property owners on First St., headed by L.E. Dempster, about correcting the grade of a portion of the street. This is not possible now, but it will be looked at in the spring.
Payroll and payment of bills approved.

Dec. 17, 1917

Discussion of financial matters related to sewer bonds.
Transfer money from Street Fund to Special Street Fund to pay the Village part of the Third Street sidewalk.
Pay D. G. Belcher $170.44 for constructing the sidewalk.
Payroll and payment of bills approved.