The Flint House has several pieces of stoneware that were made by Israel Seymour (at one of his various pottery shops) in Troy, NY. He died in 1852, and his son continued the business.
The brown jug (with an unusual glaze) and the crock (missing its lid) were probably made between 1828 and 1850. The 2 gallon jug with the elaborate number 2 probably dates between 1861 and 1885.
These types of stoneware were common pieces in everyone?s kitchen, for storing liquids like cider, vinegar, and liquor, and dry goods of all types.
Thank you to Stacy Draper for sharing information from the 2012 Rensselaer County Historical Society exhibit about local potters.
For more information on the local pottery industry in the 1800s, try Pottery Works, by Warren F. Broderick and William Bouck, available through your local library.