These are edited by the Historian; additions and comments are in brackets.

Scotia Village Board

Nov. 3, 1916

The board dealt with various items related to street fund loans and financing.

The State Highway Department informed the board that the amount to be raised by village taxes is $305.53, to go to Schenectady County for repairs and maintenance of 20,369 square yards [I was surprised to see this unit of measurement in this context.] ?of State highway for 1917. It will be added to next year?s budget.

A requisition will be issued for Schenectady Illuminating Company to install one new 40-candlepower street lamp on Washington Rd., 500 feet east from light #151.

A petition was submitted by W. G. Husten [sic]?and 51 others that street signs be placed at street corners and house owners be requested to place numbers on their houses. Clerk will get data so the issue can be taken up for the 1917 budget.

List of bills submitted, to be paid.

Nov. 20, 1916

Edward J. O?Brien to be paid for completion of contract to construct sewers.

Village Engineer to prepare a plan and estimate of cost of construction of surface sewer in Sacandaga Rd. and also the sanitary sewers needing to be constructed before paving.

List of bills submitted, to be paid.

Undated?follows above minutes:

Resolution Requesting modifications and changes in the Plans prepared for the Schenectady-Scotia bridge affecting the approach in the Village of Scotia.

Width of main approach on the Village side to be increased from 56 to 60 feet.

Ornamental balustrade to be continued beyond the Scotia abutment to the intersection of the main bridge approach and Schon-o-wee [sic]?Ave.

Dec. 4, 1916

Clerk to purchase 2? Keystone Water Meter for Sanders Ave. School.

Lists of bills submitted, to be paid.

Dec. 18, 1916

Report received from the Engineer of the State Health Department and order of State Commissioner of Health dated December 5th, 1916 relative to the disposal of the Village Sewage. [Details not entered in the minutes.]

Village Engineer will prepare plans in accordance with the report and order, and provide estimates of cost.

The bill from the New York Central Rail Road for refund of excess taxes was referred to the Finance Committee.

As the property owners on Hawk St. have constructed curbing, in order to protect it and prevent dirt from washing into Mohawk Ave., the village should construct stone gutters and cover the street with a coating of gravel. Resolved: in the 1917 budget funds should be allotted. The Village team [horses] will install the cobblestones on hand and the Clerk will order additional stones to be delivered in the winter.

Discussion of various issues related to sewer bonds.

List of bills to be paid.