Dear Scotia Resident-

The Scotia Village Board needs to make a decision and we would like your input. As you have doubtless heard, the New York State Legislature has passed, and the governor has signed a law to legalize marijuana (the state spells it marihuana – both are correct) consumption and possession. Whether we like it or not, it is now legal to carry and smoke pot in New York. The Village cannot alter that. We are permitted some limits and just passed a local law to prohibit smoking of anything in our parks, so that should help. The decision we have to make now is whether to allow dispensaries or on-site consumption establishments (the functional equivalent of liquor stores and bars) in the Village of Scotia. From all we can see at this point, these will be very well regulated and heavily taxed businesses. We have until December 31 to tell the State if we don’t want these establishments in the Village. Doing this would prevent the Village from receiving any of the likely considerable tax revenue generated by these businesses. Neither option would have any effect on whether marijuana is here or not – it is already here.

To help with this decision, we have scheduled a forum to discuss and educate. It will be next Wednesday, June 23 at Village Hall or on Zoom (link below) at 7PM. We plan to have experts there to answer your questions and the Village Board to listen to your thoughts or concerns. We will have a straw poll at the exit where you can cast your vote. Please come – virtually or in person. You can listen to us and we will listen to you.

Tom Gifford
Mayor of Scotia
Office (518) 374-3195

Meeting Zoom link: