Dear Village Resident,

As you know the Village of Scotia conducted lead and copper testing at 60 sites in December 2022 and was in compliance with State and Federal Regulations.   These homes were selected from a group of volunteer homeowner and property owners who requested to participate in the study.  The sites tested represent a cross section of homes in the community.

The results showed our 90th percentile for the lead tests was 0.007 mg/l, below the Action Level of .015 mg/l. The sample results ranged from <0.001 mg/l to 0.0748 mg/l. One home tested above the Action Level for lead.

Copper testing was conducted at the same 60 sites. The 90th percentile for the copper tests was 0.12 mg/l. The sample results ranged from 0.0096 mg/l to 0.175 mg/l. The Action Level for copper is 1.3 mg/l.

Work will continue on a Corrosion Control Study that will identify if we can modify the drinking water chemistry (such as pH and hardness) to prevent the potential for corrosion or add orthophosphate to form a barrier between the pipes and the drinking water to prevent leaching of lead and copper.  When the results of this study are complete, we will share with the residents the results and the options the Village has to address the issue.

In the summer of 2023, we will again test for lead and copper in our system.  If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at (518) 393-2159.

David J. Bucciferro