Dear Residents and Visitors

Scotia Fireworks Update and Information

The fireworks will commence approximately at 9:15PM on June 30th. Prior to the fireworks the US Water Ski Show will start at 7:00PM followed by the Freedom Park concert series featuring Joe Adee & The Lug Nuts starting at 8:00PM.

This is a family friendly event and we hope that those visiting our Parks and fireworks site will be respectful of all those attending.  Our parks are no alcohol, no smoking parks.  We ask that you respect these rules when visiting.  We also ask that because of the large crowds anticipated that you practice a carry in/carry out policy and take any garbage and recyclables with you when you leave.

Remember we are all here to celebrate Independence Day and to pay homage to the greatness of our Country.  We encourage you to enjoy the celebrations and to do so safely and respectfully.  We want you to enjoy our Parks on this day and throughout the year, we take great pride in our parks and hope you do as well.

I would also ask that you understand that you are attending a major event in a village that will triple in size on this day and that precautions have been taken for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.  Safety personnel will be stationed throughout the event site and are there to help.

Because of the large number of people visiting our great village there will be delays in both arriving and exiting.  Expect and plan for delays, there is no way to escape the fact we will have delays.  We have developed a plan to help the arrival process and most importantly the exit process.  There will be officers at every major intersection to help move traffic along as fast as possible.  Remember that there is only so much we can do to move cars through our streets safely and we are doing all that can be done.  We ask for your patience in arriving and especially as you depart for home.

For the safety of the those visiting for the fireworks we will be closing the Western Gateway Bridge (Rt. 5) in both directions* beginning at 4:00 PM.

*UPDATE 6/29/23:
The following modifications to the Western Gateway Bridge closures will be followed:
For West Bound traffic (traffic from Schenectady Side to Scotia) the Western Gateway Bridge will be now be closed at 6 PM rather than the originally schedule 4 PM
For East bound traffic the bridge closure will remain at 4 PM

If you are coming from the East and need to go West or North we recommend you use either Freemans Bridge or Rt. 890 West to exit 1A, this will allow you to avoid the bridge closure and related delays.  (See Map) If you are coming to the Fireworks from the East, we recommend you park at Schenectady Community Parking Lot and walk across the bridge to the Scotia side or enjoy the fireworks from the parking lot. (The bridge will be closed for motorized traffic but open for pedestrians to cross into the village).  If you are arriving to the Village for the fireworks there is limited $10 parking inside Collins Park.  There is also parking on many of the Village streets that are not marked with no parking signs.  The streets where you will more likely find parking are those West of Ballston Ave. (Rt. 50).  Below is a list of the streets that have no parking or one side of street restriction.  I highly encourage you to NOT park in these areas.  You will be ticketed if you do.

Enjoy the Fireworks brought to you by The Village of Scotia and our Premiere Supporter Jumpin’ Jacks.  We wish to thank all of the surrounded municipalities for their incredible help, to Freedom Park Foundation and the US Water Ski Show Team for our entertainment and a special thank you to the Schenectady County Legislature who without their assistance we could not have this wonderful evening of celebration.  A final heartfelt Thank You to the Lansing family for their years of sponsorship and to all the Village Employees who have worked above and beyond to bring to you the 2023 Scotia Fireworks show.

Thank you and please make note of the map and information below to help you navigate to the event.

Event Road Closures

Local traffic only:

Portions of:

  • Collins St
  • James St
  • Church St
  • Catherine St
  • 1st St
  • Sunnyside Rd
  • Washington Rd
  • Irving Rd
  • 5th St
  • Washington Ave

Full Closures (closure time pending)

  • Schonowee
  • Little Mohawk


Scotia Fireworks Village Parking Restrictions

Temporary “No Parking” signs are posted on the following streets and restrictions will be in effect from 5–11 p.m.  Cars parked in these restricted parking areas after 5 will be subject fines.

  • Bevis St. (both sides)
  • Bruce St. (odd side)
  • Catherine St. (odd side – entire length)
  • Church St. (both sides)
  • Collins St. (both sides – Mohawk Ave. to John St. and odd side – John St. to Church St.)
  • First St. (odd side – No. Ballston Ave. to Huston St.)
  • Glen Ave. (No Parking Mohawk Ave to So. Ballston and odd side – So. Ten Broeck St. to Pleasantview Ave.)
  • Iroquois St. (both sides – entire length)
  • Irving Rd. (even side)
  • James St. (odd side – Collins St. to Center St.)
  • John St. (both sides)
  • Knickerbocker Rd. (odd side)
  • Lee Ave. (both sides)
  • Lincoln St. (odd side)
  • Livingston Ave. (both sides)
  • Ten Broeck St. (both sides – Mohawk Ave. to John St. and odd side – John St. to Vley Rd.)
  • Riverside Ave. (odd side – Sanders Ave. to So. Ten Broeck St.)
  • Sanders Ave. (odd side – So. Ballston Ave. to So. Ten Broeck St.)
  • Schonowee Ave. (house side – Kiwanis Way to Washington Ave. and river side – from Washington Ave. west to permanent signs)
  • Short Mohawk Ave. (both sides)
  • Ten Broeck St. (east side – Glen Ave. to Riverside Ave.)
  • Sunnyside Rd. (even side – No. Ballston to Washington and both sides – Washington to Village line)
  • Van Winkle Ave. (odd side)
  • Vley Rd. (odd side – No. Ballston Ave. to Fifth St.)
  • Wallace St. (odd side)
  • Washington Ave. (both sides – Schonowee to Sunnyside and north side – Sunnyside to Washington Rd.)
  • Washington Rd. (even side)