I am pleased to announce that after two years of trying we finally have access to the CDTA/CDPHP Bike share program in Scotia.? This means that?you can have access to this fleet of quality bicycles and, for a small fee, take it anywhere in our business district or anywhere in Schenectady and lock it and leave it.? We have installed bike racks for these at our Village Green (140 Mohawk Avenue) and at the?Village Docks by Freedom?Park but the bikes can be locked anywhere within the service area.? Our Complete Streets program for making the Village more friendly for biking and walking will be boosted by the presence of these bikes.? Please check out the app and start using the bikes.

Tom Gifford, Mayor


Their instructions are:


????? ?Choose a plan and sign up for a CDPHP membership through the www.cdphpcycle.com website or using the mobile app

????? Walk up to any Cycle! bike, enter your account number and PIN number on the back of the bike to unlock it

????? Place the U-lock in the holster before you begin you ride.

????? If you need to pause your ride at any time, press the ?HOLD? button and re-lock your bike.???Sign back into your account and unlock the bike to continue your ride.

????? End your ride overall by locking your bike to any bike rack, public street sign or object within the systems boundaries.???Please do not block sidewalks, public right of ways, etc

????? Please follow bike safety at all times including wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road in regards to cars and pedestrians

????? Membership plan options and more information can be found on the Cycle! website as well as the mobile app.