Vending and Soliciting In the Village of Scotia

Door to door vending and soliciting is regulated in the Village of Scotia and requires most vendors to obtain a permit. Vendors who are issued a permit must have passed a background check by our police department. The Village permit is a picture I.D. tag with the person’s name, the company they represent, and an expiration date. This permit must be worn so that it can be clearly seen.


Residents who do not want solicitors to come to their door may enroll in the Village’s Do-Not-Vend program. This program consists of a listing of addresses which have indicated that they do not want vendors at their door. This listing is given to all vendors when they are issued their permit. Participants of the Do-Not-Vend program are also given a “No Solicitation” sticker which must be displayed in plain view. Vendors who ignore the list and sticker will have their permit revoked for a period of 12 months.

Residents wishing to enroll in the program can do so by signing up below or by coming to the Clerk’s Office at Village Hall.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Must Have A Vending Permit?

Anyone vending, soliciting, canvassing, or peddling merchandise, magazines, photography, or other goods or services door to door must obtain a permit from the Village.

Who Does Not Need A Permit?

Religious groups generally cannot be required to obtain a permit. The same is true of political organizations and candidates. Newspapers are also exempt from permitting requirements.

What About Kids?

Minors under the age of 18 may collect for fund raisers for recognized non-profit organizations like Scouts or Pop Warner without a permit.

What If A Vendor Comes To My Door Without A Permit?

Ask to see the person’s permit. If they cannot produce the official Village I.D. permit, report the incident to the police immediately.

What If A Vendor Comes To My Door Even Though I Enrolled In The Do-Not Vend Program?

Ask the person to leave and immediately contact the police. If the vendor had a permit and you know the person’s name or company, give that information to the police.

What About Phone Books?

Distribution of phone books requires a permit from the Village but is not a part of the Do-Not-Vend program. Several companies distribute books in the Village. Each book is required to have contact information on the cover so that residents can contact the company and request to be taken off of their distribution list.

Where Can I Get More Information?

The complete Village Code Book is posted on the Village web site. Chapter 232 covers vending and soliciting while chapter 230 addresses phone books.