Hello everyone-

I wanted to provide residents of the village with an update as to the increased activity at Village Hall. It was discovered on Wednesday morning at Village Hall the roof had been compromised causing damage to the existing ceiling structure and creating a serious safety concern to our employees and visiting public. After consultation with the Village Trustees, Department Heads and our Engineering Consultant a decision was made to close off the second floor of Village Hall to the public and village staff. This will have a minimal impact to daily operations. Essential Village services, personnel, IT systems, and critical infrastructure will relocate to temporary offices in other Village facilities or suitable locations. In addition, there are also plans to secure suitable accommodations for the Village Board and Village Court.

There are no temporary fixes available for the current roof, which is well beyond its useful life. As such we have plans developed and immediate steps are being taken to make this important improvement to move the roof replacement to BID as soon as possible and begin the work. This essential roof replacement is part of the Village’s Municipal Facilities Project, which was approved by Village voters in 2022.

I along with the Village Trustees thank the Village residents for recognizing the need to improve our municipal facilities by approving the referendum last year. Following decades of deferred maintenance, this project allows the Village to responsibly address the condition of Village Hall while preventing further catastrophic damage to the roof.

Village services will continue to operate with some modifications to accommodate the limited space. We ask for the public’s patience during this time. I would like thank all of employees for their continued hard work during this time.

We will be posting on Monday January 9, 2023 any of the minor modifications to the village operations that will be taking place. Regular updates about the Municipal Facilities Project, and the Village’s Office relocation plan will be available on the Village website. All questions and media inquiries should be directed to Mayor Bucciferro (dbucciferro@villageofscotiany.gov).

Mayor David